Product Line Descriptions

The general parameters below address sizes and construction for the primary bag categories.

OBI BAGS: Antique and vintage Japanese obi sashes become stunning bags for day or evening. Closures include a broad array of Asian frogs, vintage to antique buttons, metal clasps, some with tassels, and semi-precious stone pendants. This most popular design is fully padded, lined in satin, approximately 6 inches wide by 9 1/2 inches long, consisting of two internal compartments, and is worn from the shoulder on a 50 inch cord in a harmonizing color.

Obi Bag No. 361:  Blue silk embroidered in silver with magnet close under silver tassel and bead.

OPERA BAGS: Black, water-whorled moiré becomes a discreet bag on a smaller scale, that does not compete with jewelry or clothing. The single distinguishing feature of each bag is the antique or vintage button closure, often of glass, jet or cut-work. This design, approximately 6 inches wide by 7 inches long, is lined in black satin, consists of two internal compartments, and is worn from the shoulder on a 50  inch black cord.

elegant opera bag
Black moiré opera bag.

side view of opera bag
Opera bag, open view.

PAN-ASIAN BAGS:   Chinese brocade, hand-woven, hand-dyed silk from Vietnam, and vintage Japanese Obi or kimono fabrics, are used to create the Pan-Asian bag, identical in size and and construction to the Opera Bags.  Fully padded with two inner compartments lined in satin, vintage to antique buttons are used along with an harmoniously toned shoulder cord at 50 inches total length….for a smaller woman or girl, and a more playful set of colorways than the black of the Opera Bag.

Pan-Asian in brocade with bottle glass button; Pan-Asian in silk with Art Deco buckle treatment

POCHE: Poche means “pocket” in French.  These little receptacles are made of the tag ends of silk Obi sashes – too beautiful to throw away.  One inner compartment, fully padded, is lined in satin; the button closures are always vintage.  Poches are very handy for holding business cards, credit cards and driver’s license, a gift of cash or a gift card, and as a keepsake presentation for a piece of jewelry.

Poche with clear glass button overlaid in gold.

OBI TOTE:  Obi totes are made from both sides of Fukuro and Nagoya Obis, but also from the inner cores of Japanese Obi sashes.   Antique and vintage Obis often have stiff, heavy and rustic-lookiing inner linings which make  interesting totes, especially when combining several different colors and textures in one bag.  Alternatively, Recherche is making more festive ones with lots of silk satin sheen, typically from Fukuro and Nagoya style Obis.   The third style of Obi Tote is colorful and seasonal – more practical for every day.  Obi Tote linings are typically satin, however, whenever possible vintage silk kimono fabric is used as well as lighter-weight, linen-like fabric from newer vintage Obi cores.  Vintage buttons, tassels, frogs and pendants create interest, for functionality and for fun!  Out of the Ether has provided bamboo pendants for some of the rustic bags which moves these into a higher price category since each pendant is hand-made and with sterling, brass and semi-precious stone beads.

Obi Tote No. 40 with Out of the Ether Bamboo Pendant.

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