Events and Announcements


PRICE REDUCTION ON POCHES:  You may notice some of the Poches have been marked down to $20.00.  This change aligns the pricing with what Recherche has been charging for Poches at shows.  Eventually, all the Poches on the website will be re-priced to reflect this reduction to $20.00.  FOR ROCK BOTTOM BARGAINS, Please check  MELANGE where you will find about a dozen Poches have been severely marked down to $5.00 each.  Reason:  This is a close out of older inventory needed to make way for some newer and brighter fabrics.




INVITATION:   Here is an invitation to come to a Recherche IN HOME SHOW at  a time and date of your choosing.  Just reach out to me at so we can collaborate on a time/date.  You will be able to shop at a relaxed pace and see the total current inventory, some of which may not have been loaded to the website yet.  You may also call my cell at 503-442-9522.



-EDMONDS ARTS FESTIVAL June 19th through June 21st, 2020 has regretfully been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.  EVERYONE PLEASE STAY HOME, STAY SAFE, STAY WELL!!