Friday, April 10th, 2015

Description:  The tetsubin is a vessel used for serving sake.  The photos display both sides of the item.  It is hewn from a single piece of bamboo and carved with birds and foliage.  There is a tiny spout on one side and the little handle is held in place by small pins which appear to be original to the piece.  I can’t say if this is antique but I can say it is vintage.  The person who appraised this said it’s value is diminished due to the cracks in the bamboo, this occurring because, without keeping sake in it, or some liquid, the bamboo dried out and hence, cracked.  Even so, it is a charming piece and perfect for a Japanese collection of objets d’arts.  If you have questions about this piece, please email me at

Price:  $150.00

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