The Rustics

No. 914 – Rustic Obi with New Mexico Stone Pendant

Saturday, January 18th, 2020

Description:  Vintage core from Maru Obi interestingly textured of unknown material; lined in off-white muslin.  Over the magnet closure hangs a piece of stone sculpture bought in New Mexico from a dealer in antique artifacts; corresponding jute shoulder cord.  NOTE:  The pendant may be worn as jewelry once the bag wears out.

Size:  6 W  X  10 L inches

Price:  $108.00

No. 877 – Rustic Obi with Metal Abstract Pendant

Monday, April 8th, 2019

Description:  Rustic core from Maru Obi presents a roughly woven surface, lined in off-white muslin.  The pendant, having over a magnet close, is a hand-wrought metal abstract suspended from chain and containing a tiny pearl; corresponding jute shoulder cord.  NOTE:  This is a one of a kind jeweler’s piece that was destined to be a pendant.

Size:  6 W  X  9 3/4 L inches

Price:  $155.00

No. 768 – Rustic Obi with Bakelite Button

Saturday, March 16th, 2019

Description:  Rugged, soft brown toned stripes from the core of a vintage Maru Obi is lined in off-white muslin.  The vintage button is deep brown, etched bakelite with a touch of brass as the focal; corresponding jute shoulder cord.

Size:  6 W  X  9 1/2 L inches

Price:  $99.00