Kitty Haikus

Monday, October 24th, 2016

Echo Illuminated


We are not amused!

Issue 12 of the Recherche Fall Newsletter in September celebrated a small photo of “Echo Illuminated” on Page 5.  Echo, aka Squeakie, often took a command-post position under this light whenever it was on.  Here’s another shot of her with quite a different attitude.  Funny how just like us, cats have their moods!  Echo, left the earth plane on April 8th of this year, at home, with a little help from Dr. Lori Gibson of Compassionate Care.  She was almost 17 yrs old, had been on hyperthyroid meds for years, and her little physical shell just couldn’t carry on any longer.  Echo was the quintessential “love kitty”, the nurse, the worrier, a devoted “foodie” in younger days.  She never did any of the really naughty things Esme did.


Esme as Queen

Esme, our tuxedo kitty, who departed due to cancer in 2010, was the Queen – as esteemed as her name implied. In their salad days, Echo and Esme were hilarious times two.  Grocery shop and throw empty brown bags on the floor and watch the insanity that followed.  Playing kickball with noisy rolling toys from one end of the kitchen to the other, led to skidding collisions and streaking.

The purpose of this post is to celebrate these two whom I knew their whole lives.  I wrote a series of kitty haikus for Esme when she was in full naughtiness.  Here are a couple of them to make you laugh.


Strafe the mistress

Pounce on the pillows

Run away, smiling.



Lick the mayonnaise lid

Step in the butter

Cooking is fun!

CALL TO ACTION:   The Feral Cat Coalition is doing the good work of neutering/spaying feral cats in Portland. If you have food or cat litter you can’t use, they would so appreciate you donations.  To contact them and/or get more details go to their website





Celebrate the Gifts Show

Sunday, October 9th, 2016

The Calvin Presbyterian Church hosted this annual event at their gorgeous facility in Tigard, OR, October 1st and 2nd. Recherche was honored to participate with a booth located right in front of the stage! The Fashion Show at 2 p.m. on Saturday, drew a standing room only crowd.  The pairings of art dressing, jewelry, and bags, shown together with fine art pieces, was beautifully done. This was Recherche’s first time doing this show. Bags were fairly flying out of the booth! The new, modified Pan Asian Bags were a big hit!   pan asian 302Obi Bags, Obi Totes and over a dozen Poches sold at a fast pace.  Lots of “petting” the faux fur bags and encouragement to make one in silver.  It’s coming!

There were so many wonderful high end artists at this show.  Recherche could not resist shopping!  A fabulous wearable art top created by Dorothy Skea under her Fashion Images lable, had been worn in the fashion show and proved irresistible to this shopper.  To see more Fashion Images designs, drop by Changes, Designs to Wear at The Real Mother Goose in  downtown Portland, OR.  On October 21st and 22nd, Dorothy will have a trunk show there and trust me when I say, you will be challenged to pick from the beautiful array of hand-made tops and jackets she creates one at a time.   dorothy-skea019

Another amazing jewelry artisan at the Celebrate the Gifts event was Becky Browning.  Her jewelry is unbelievably beautiful, with a baroque-feel that was impossible to resist.  Extreme control was required to keep from throwing ALL caution to the wind.  becky-browning

CALL TO ACTION:  Support your local artisans!  Visit the Recherche website often to see what’s new! Best of the Northwest is coming up fast November 11th-13th in Seattle, so what is on the site now may be gone before Thanksgiving.  Please FRIEND RECHERCHE on our new Facebook Page.

The Little Tansu

Sunday, September 11th, 2016

The Little Tansu

Tetsubin - Side B

Tetsubin - Side A

One of Recherche’s recent displays at shows has been the little tetsubin pictured above. A family piece, this little sake server is a masterpiece carved on bamboo. Unfortunately, when not kept hydrated by sake, over time, the little vessel dried out and cracked. Even so, it is a delight to see, and people often ask to hold it or photograph it. I was thinking about the tetsubin because I finally bought myself a tansu (more…)

Pan Asian Bags Evolve!

Wednesday, September 7th, 2016

pan asian 301

Pan Asian Bags in Obi and Kimono fabrics are now enhanced by an extra inch in overall length. An extra pocket has also been added across the inside of the back compartment for additional separation. The two inner compartments are now softly padded between each other to cushion bag contents more thoroughly. Still the same great price, still vintage silk fabrics, still vintage/antique buttons! (more…)

Vogue and Vera Wang Inspiration

Thursday, September 1st, 2016


The September issue of Vogue Magazine rolls out the Fall Fashion forecast and what is coming down the runways of New York City. Also prominently featured in this issue, is the Fall Fashion Week at The Collection September 21-25 in Bellevue, Washington! Hailed as the “premier fashion destination of the Pacific Northwest” the week promises events to help you decipher the trends and make them your own. (more…)