Recherche….sought out with care; of rare quality, elegance or attractiveness.  Recherche’s mission is to create wearable art for a discerning clientele who seek out limited edition, one of a kind, handmade accessories, to define their own unique artistic statement via personal adornment. Beyond fashion, Recherche visions wearable art as an individual expression of fearless elan; an illustration of a highly creative sensibility in self-expression.

There is love in these bags…a personal commitment woven into each stitch, a wholeness of intention.   When a person engages in the purchase of a singular piece, there is always a story, a reason, an event, or a beloved person, that is shared during the buying experience.  This is the intangible spirit passing from the fabric’s creator, to the venerable owner of the original Obi, and from that legacy, to the imaging, designing and creating of the Obi Bag itself. There is a reason no two are ever exactly alike and that “je ne sais quoi” is the magic…the gentle gravitational pull to a piece of wearable art that speaks to the essence of an individual spirit.

In the singular blending of vintage Japanese aesthetics with treasures from the Occidental past, Recherche celebrates the beauty and fascination found in both worlds.  This celebration is a menu of hand-made offerings to delight and inspire. Please enter and browse the ever-changing selection of unique, hand-made bags. Find the perfect accent to your own sense of style…or gift one to a friend!